“Ordered Chaos/Chaotic Order” Was A Concept Conceived In December 2021, Following The Invitation To Show A Collection In The University of Michigan Museum of Art During A February Event. The Collection Represents The First Collaboration Between Anish Basavalingiah and Shivang Chandna, Following Talk Regarding A Creative Intrigue With Duality, Juxtaposition, Conceptual Mirrors. 

The Collection Uses Concepts From Western Art Movements Chronologically, As A Backbone By Which To Express This Duality. For Example, The Renaissance Concept Manifests Not Only In A Corseted Dress With Layered Drapery, But Also In A Pristinely Wrapped And Draped Saree; Though Not Worn By A Woman.


The Collection Is Divided Into Two Parts, The First Being The Looks Which Were Allowed By Producers Of The Event, The Second Being Those Which Were Rejected. The Relentless Restriction Was Reminiscent Of The Paris Salon, And Thus, Gustave Courbet’s Engagement Of The Salon In 1850 and 1855 Served Further Inspiration. Additionally, The Looks Follow Chronologically From Renaissance To Modernism In Part One, Use Realism As A Transition, And Move From Impressionism To Contemporary In Part Two.